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Healthy Relationships

(For Parents of Teenagers with Typical Development)

We all want to be in healthy relationships. But sometimes it is hard to know if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Healthy relationships help us feel better about ourselves. They make us feel happy and safe. Unhealthy relationships make us feel unhappy, insecure, or even unsafe.

When we set out to tell you more about healthy relationships, we realized that there was no need to write a new article because there's an excellent article already out there. Here's what we mean:

From Planned Parenthood...

In the "Info for Teens" section of the Planned Parenthood website, you'll find Relationships 101. Look for the subsection entitled, "What's a healthy relationship?" This article's not just for you – share it with your teen.

In the "Learn" section of the Planned Parenthood website, you'll find How to Have a Great Relationship. Again, share this article with your teen.

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