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Internet Safety

(For Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities)

Just what you needed... one more thing to worry about. Sure, you may realize that everything you read on the Internet isn't true or that everyone you encounter on the Internet isn't sincere and honest, but does your child know this?

When we set out to tell you more about internet safety and developmental disabilities, we realized that there was no need to write a new article because there are some excellent articles already out there. Here's what we mean:

From the Autism Society of North Carolina...

On the Autism Society of North Carolina's blog, you'll find Promoting Internet Safety for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

From Autism Speaks

On the Autism Speaks website, you can download the Transition Tool Kit free of charge. There you can learn more about social media and internet safety.

From the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities...

On the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities website, you'll find Staying Safe on Social Media and Online. Click on the "Download for free" button.

From the Down's Syndrome Association...

On the Down's Syndrome Association website, you'll find For People with Down's Syndrome: Staying Safe Online.

From the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation...

On the FBI website, you'll find A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.

And from Us...

We also suggest that you read the article on internet safety that we wrote for parents of children with typical development. Click here and we'll take you there.

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